Education vs. Knowledge // Love & Light Meditations

Funnily, I didn’t realise how passionate I was about this subject until I wrote an Instagram post on it. Then I found myself with an aggressive ‘schools kill your creativity and ruin you life’ mindset, so I thought I’d write a blog post.

Growing up, I was pretty good at school. I was that sad kid that asked for extra Art homework in first school, and genuinely found enjoyment over being considered the best. Then exams hit, and they DO kill your creativity. For the majority of my last year, I felt exhausted and depressed. I couldn’t concentrate in school to save my life, in fact I could barely keep my eyes open most of the time. So about a month before exams I finally began to feel like I could function again, and I had a years worth of study content to learn at once.

Let’s just say, it didn’t really go well.

It was an extraordinary amount of stress and my health was shot by my last day of school. My body was locked with tension, I could barely sleep, my brain physically hurt and I think there was one when I cried about ten times in between study sessions.

Now, is everybody’s experience like that? No. But I feel like school, and being forced to learn something you don’t really care about, or something that will never be relevant once you leave education, is definitely the wrong approach. It gives us the idea that learning isn’t fun and should only be done if it’s required.

I began sixth form Psychology being genuinely excited for each lesson, being passionate and interested. I left an anxious and exhausted mess.

I understand that school is required. If you’re in school right now and you’re reading this, finish with the best grades you possibly can. Plan your revision well, take regular breaks and do it the right way. There’s nothing like the relief of going to a job interview and not having to worry about your grades, I promise you it will serve you in the long run.

Like I said, we learn from a young age that learning is dull, boring and necessary. We only go on courses or study content if it will help us get into University or to get a job. I’m here to try to spark back the excitement to learn.

Think of how eager children are to learn. They constantly want to be like grown ups and do what they do, and definitely hone in on their interests. Let’s bring that approach back.

Find your interests and make hobbies out of learn. Read books, internet articles, watch films and documentaries, take courses and classes. Think of what you’d like to learn about and go for it, immerse yourself in it and soak up all the knowledge you can. Do it at your own pace, slow down and actually enjoy it. Learning doesn’t have to be boring.

The possibilities on what to learn about are endless, but here are a couple of examples:

  • Art, design, drawing, painting, sculpting, making collages, writing, photography, videography flower arranging, cooking, jewellery making
  • Learn an instrument, compose your own music, music theory
  • Nutrition, health, exercise, bodybuilding, juicing
  • Pregnancy, child development, childcare, child psychology
  • Psychology: clinical, business, sport
  • Graphic design, web design, blogging, digital marketing, content marketing, coding, video games
  • Spanish (easiest compared to English), French, German, Chinese (if you really want a challenge), Sign Language
  • Meditation, yoga, religion, chakra healing, reiki, mindfulness, self development (this is my jam)
  • Hairdressing, beauty, makeup, fashion
  • Traditional education subjects such as Maths, English, Business, Geography, Physics, Biology, Chemistry. Think back to what interested you at school.

There is more to life than going to work and doing the bare amount of studying to get you by. Finding a hobby and something you genuinely enjoy will give you more knowledge that may help you in life, more creativity and essentially more happiness. Can you think of anything else you’d love to study? Comment it below.

Thank you for reading,